The Value of Design: Why Everybody Should Care About Design

For me, making people’s life simpler, knowing when to think outside of the box, finding a solution that delights the customers while being profitable are at the heart of everything a business should do. This is why I love design. As an entrepreneur, design plays a big role in the toolbox I use everyday to tackle challenges, discover opportunities and solve problems.

Although more and more companies are starting to understand that, we still need to educate executives and business owners about the value of investing in design. This is why I applauded the making of this video by the Design Council in UK. The video explained, in plain language, how adding design to their process can lead to more revenues for small businesses.

video: The Value of Design from Design Council on Vimeo.

Part of the solution is developing a culture that integrates good design in everything we do. I recalled a museum exhibit that I visited in Europe 15 years ago. It was an eye opening for me because it demonstrated that good design can be done nationwide. The exhibit was about how The Netherlands integrated design in everyday objects. Some troubling facts for me were that their income tax forms looked better than 90% of corporate brochures in the USA and Canada. The emergency phones that the government installed next to the highways – mobile phones weren’t popular  at the time – weren’t an eye sore and nicely blend with their surroundings. I felt sad that I didn’t live in a continent that values design.

On the bright side, a lot has improved since then. Still a lot needs to be done which is why I will continue to promote design as a motor for economic and social well-being. What about you? What are you doing as a citizen, or as a business, to improve things?

+ photo credit: Design Council – animation by Golden Wolf