Welcome to the place where I discuss the things that bring us joy at home, in our community, and on vacation. In short, it’s about modern day living.

Some of you might remember me as the stylish living and entertaining expert behind ‘At Home with Kim Vallée.’ What you’ll find here may feel slightly different but I’m still the design-savvy woman you know.

Although ‘Feel at Home with Kim Vallée’ focuses less on products compared to ‘At Home with Kim Vallée’, I’ll continue to share my best ideas and finds for home-cooked dinners, kitchenware, tableware, and home decor. These finds will coexist with the best of local life, whether you’re a local or a visitor.

Meet Kim Vallée

As a brand storytelling and personal branding coach, Kim Vallée guides women leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers on how to maximize their impact in either French or English. She hails from a suburb of Montreal, Canada.

I’m also an entrepreneur, a former product leader and UX designer, and a mom to a teenager. Besides having a career in tech, I was well-known as a stylish living and entertaining expert for seven years.

I’ve worked in tech throughout my career but found my true calling when I started blogging in 2007. Now, I coach women leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers in refining their narratives to maximize impact. If you’re a woman ready to elevate your impact, contact me today to transform how you spread your message into the world or at work. Become memorable, clear, and impactful!