Creative Escapes: The Best Summer Camps for Teens in Montreal

As a parent to a 13-year-old, I know firsthand that finding cool summer camps for teens can be challenging. I just went through that process. If you’re searching for summer camps for teens that foster self-expression, artistic experimentation, and teach useful skills, you’ve come to the right place.

The coolest teen camps I found share common elements: they involve a form of pretend play and teach trade skills. Don’t worry if these camps are in Montreal; the list should inspire what to look for in your area.

These specialized camps require no specific skills. Teens only need to bring their creativity and a positive attitude. Let’s explore a few creative camp themes to suggest to your teenager.

For the filmmaker 

I found a few camps in this category. My top picks are: Creative Video Teen Camp by Coop Collective Vision (at Concordia University), and the one at Society for Arts and Technology (SAT).

The concept is basically the same for both. Teens dive into the world of filmmaking and create a short movie with other participants. They’ll brainstorm film ideas and genres. They’ll learn the basics of script writing, cinematography, sound recording, video and sound editing. Plus, they’ll get to produce, direct, and even star in their own short movies.

Set near the Loyola Campus, Creative Video Teen Camp is a two-week program. Designed for youth ages 13-17, participants take an idea and collaboratively bring it to life from start to finish using professional equipment. The best way to appreciate what this camp has to offer is by watching online the videos of past campers. Watching these videos convinced us.

At the SAT, the camp is called Réalisation d’un court-métrage camp. There, the participants produce their short film in one week. I guess that the camp at the SAT goes less in depth.

For the rock star

No need to be musician to join a band at Immersion Rock. In this two-week camp, teens experience what it is like to be in a band. From learning a few songs to prepping a show, filming a video for a song, and playing in public, a team of professionals supports teens on this fun journey.

If you have a teen who is always ready for a karaoke night, look no further than this camp. A good friend recommended this unique music camp to me because it was a big hit with her teenage daughter last summer. She showed me pictures, and this immersive experience seems pretty cool.

For the photographer

My teenager spent one week at Camp Photo-Ados by Entre Quatre Yeux last summer. The camp is the right balance between learning artistic expression and the technical part of using a DSLR camera. They explored part of Old Montreal while taking pictures outdoors and indoors. They visited an exhibit at the Fondation PHI. Parents are invited to a vernissage on Friday afternoon.

A nice touch for residents of Laval and the South Shore is that they offer a “free” accompanied service from Longueuil station and Montmorency station to and from the camp in Old Montreal. Knowing that a camp monitor accompanied my child and other campers in the metro was reassuring, especially since my child was only 12 last summer. Taking the metro without me felt special for my pre-teen.

A wish

Speaking of the SAT, they also offer a DJing and audio production camp. If your pre-teen (9-12 yrs old) is into music, that might be something to consider. I find it strange that the SAT doesn’t offer a DJing camp for teens.

Regardless of where you live, we can agree that these camp themes spark creativity and adventure. Dive into local options for a summer of fun, learning, and self-discovery!

Note: The Creative Video Teen Camp is the only camp on my list that is all in English. We are in Quebec after all.