I’m doing it again: Kind of Reviving ‘At Home’ with a Twist

Big news! I almost feel like I’m back in 2007 when I first launched At Home with Kim Vallée. If there is one regret that has always haunted me, it is having stopped At Home with Kim Vallée at the height of my career as a lifestyle and entertaining expert. Frankly, those were the happiest years of my work life.

I love writing. I love educating and inspiring people. I love sharing my best finds and practical tips. In fact, I continued to blog sporadically after that. I launched and pivoted several blogs or newsletters. But I always quit them after a while. None sustained my attention. Then it hit me. 

I had two careers: one in tech and the other in blogging. While I did excellent work as a product leader and UX designer, this is not what I’m truly known for. Only my clients and colleagues who have worked with me on bringing apps to life know that I excel at imagining and designing digital products. 

The truth is that — still today — when people introduce me to strangers, they refer to me as the successful blogger, the early influencer. Frankly, I don’t mind since my blogging career is what I’m most proud of — besides my child. Blogging brings me joy.

Life is too short not to embrace my passion. Doing it a second time, I know what it takes to succeed and carve a place in my niche. Blogging and social media are not as they used to be. That’s OK. The world has also changed. My lifestyle and interests are not exactly the same either. What I will bring to the table this time around will be slightly different.

What can you expect from Feel at Home with Kim Vallée?

Feel at Home with Kim Vallée will focus more on things to do together, on what makes us happy, and less on products compared to At Home with Kim Vallée. But don’t worry. My best ideas and finds for home-cooked dinners, kitchenware, tableware, and home decor will coexist with the best of local life, whether you are a local or a visitor.

The biggest difference is that Feel at Home celebrates connections and discovery of fun activities. Connections within the family, the neighbourhood, or the town. Connections with nature. Connections with what truly matters in life.

Whereas At Home with Kim Vallée showcased modern architecture houses, Feel at Home with Kim Vallée highlights the secrets to a thriving community, from the coolest urban design trends to the hottest local spots and activities.

I hope that you will join me on this chapter. If you have questions about the topics I cover, don’t hesitate to ask.