Best gift for the cook: The Iconics set by Material Kitchen

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day approaching, I decided to share the ideal gift to thank them for all the wonderful meals they’ve cooked for you. If you know me, you know that I’m picky. This is one purchase that is worth every penny.

After seeing one of their ads, I decided to spoil myself. That was in the middle of the pandemic. I wanted a statement piece for my counter, so I upgraded my cooking tools and knives to a stunning, timeless yet modern-looking set. I splurged on The Iconics set by Material Kitchen. Their walnut base caught my attention, along with the fact that the tools are dishwasher-safe and have durable handles. As soon as I unboxed them, I knew I had made the right choice. The tools and knives are as stunning in person as they were in the pictures.

There are two things I didn’t expect. I didn’t imagine that I would use the Only Tongs that much. The fun-to-use gravity lock of the tongs, once I learn the trick, changed the way I cook. It has become my tool of choice. How come nobody thought of this before: point down and squeeze to open wide, and point up and squeeze to lock closed. Once you know it, it’s magic.

The second is that I would fall in love with the Air Whisk. You see, I already had an excellent whisk. I was happy with it until I whisked a vinaigrette on a weekday with the Air Whisk. Wow, Material Kitchen, you impressed me. The Air Whisk is second to none. If I mistakenly use my previous one, I immediately notice the difference.

Update: I can’t believe that I forgot to mention the knives. They are perfect, in my opinion. The serrated 6-inch knife has become my friend for when I prepare salads. It slices soft vegetables very well.

Where to Buy

I bought my Iconics set online at Indigo, which was their only Canadian retailer at the time of my purchase. Canadians who are interested will need to order directly from Material Kitchen, as Indigo no longer carries it. By doing so, you’ll support an indie brand that is raising the bar in kitchenware.