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I help retailers, designers, makers and small businesses with their brand storytelling. My focus is on content strategy, convincing presentations, delivering a remarkable customer experience and social media marketing.

Everything I do revolves around content strategy and social media marketing. I'm a:

Content Strategist

I have advised big and small businesses since 1995 on how to use the Web, how to do digital marketing, and how to sell online.

Lately, I educate, coach, create and put into action content marketing and social strategies for retailers, designers, makers and small businesses. My goal is to help them grow their business by making their online presence and their content more meaningful and awesome.

Brand Storytelling Coach

I co-founded Sproutive with a creative woman entrepreneur to help small businesses with their storytelling.

Together, we train, coach and advice small business owners on how to better communicate their story, how to deliver convincing presentations plus how to determine and put into action their content strategy.

Learn more about what we can do for you at Sproutive.


I started blogging in 2005. With At Home with Kim Vallée, I earned a reputation as one of the foremost lifestyle & entertaining experts in Canada. This led to contributions to the Food Network, HGTV, the Toronto Star, Canal-Vie and Montréal en Santé.

Because I care about the future of blogging, I also produced On the Web with Kim Vallee, a social media guide for bloggers and brands.


I spoke at several conferences about creating great content, how women use the Web, how to use social media to build/grow a business, how social media is changing e-commerce, and how to take your blog to the next level.

I am especially proud of the fact that I pioneered women lifestyle topics at PodCamp and WordCamp events in Montreal and in Toronto. I seek more speaking engagement opportunities.

Are you ready to turn your online presence and content into awesomeness to grow your business?

Let's talk about making it happen!