Raplapla’s doll hospital is a life saver

Every toddler child has one doll that he can’t sleep without at night. I always admired the modern rag dolls designed by Erica Perrot of Raplapla. The fact that I can put it in the washing machine was a bonus. The decision was a no brainer when it came to buy Zack his first doll, it had to be Mr. Tsé Tsé. As I called her about making repairs toTsé Tsé, Erica proved again that she understands and cares for the needs of her customers, i.e., the kids.

It took Zack a while but eventually he adopted Tsé Tsé. We never called him Mister; it’s too formal. Zack loves Tsé Tsé so much that a year and a half later I bought a second one in case we lose the original. We couldn’t fool him. So, we called the second one Yéyé. Now Zack falls asleep with both of them.

Almost 3 years later, Tsé Tsé showed wear and tear. He started to bother Zack a lot. I wanted to act before it couldn’t be saved. So I called to inquire about the repair service of Raplapla. Let me tell you that their doll hospital is a treat for parents and kids!

kids attachment to dolls

I called ahead of time to ask when they could fix Tsé Tsé and Yéyé. The operation had to be done the same day since it’s out of the question for Zack to fall asleep without at least one of them. Zack and I went on a Friday night for the diagnostic. He explained to the designer what he wanted to fix. Kids get attached to the look and feel of their favorite dolls. Zack didn’t want it to look brand new. He only wanted to fix a few holes on Tsé Tsé and to sew a few stitches to the back tag of Yéyé. The designer noted everything on a notebook, prepared the hospital name tags to have them ready when the dolls will be admitted to her doll hospital a few days later.

The hospital metaphor continues further. When we came back to pick up the dolls, Zack found Tsé Tsé and Yéyé in a vintage doll bed. They were resting at the same place that I left them earlier that day. It was magical for my son and I. Bravo Erica for your attention to details!