Why I’m Back to Personal Blogging

After successfully blogging about stylish living and entertaining since 2005, I needed a new challenge. I want to write a blog that fits my current life and work situation.

I closed At Home with Kim Vallee last year. Every time I attend a blogging or social media conferences, people ask me about At Home with Kim Vallee or ask me why did I stop? I’m extremely proud and glad of what I accomplished with my previous branded blog. At Home with Kim Vallee enabled me to build a reputation that far exceeds my local circle.

Having done that has opened doors and it continues to open doors. In fact, I built my current business, Sproutive, and my coaching and consulting services before Sproutive, on all the know-hows and the skills I acquired not only from blogging but by doing everything I did in my career. To tell you the truth, I stopped being a professional blogger because I want to do something else professionally, and with my life.

This brings me to the rebirth of personal blogging. It’s about having less restrictions when it comes to topics, to be free to talk about what comes to your mind. For me, personal blogging is about sharing my thoughts more substantially than I can do on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. In my mind, a blog remains the place where you should centralize your ideas and views.

I resisted going back to personal blogging. In fact, I waited until I read that Lockhart Steele and other established veteran bloggers returned to personal blogging to accept the term. Why did I wait so long before admitting to myself that I wanted a personal blog? It sounds so unfocused and, to a certain extent, unprofessional.

But this is not true! I have a direction. My blog is where I will share my quest to make my life easier and fuller as a parent, a business owner and a person. It is about finding the right balance when it comes to parenting, business and life issues. It’s about discussing what I care about and my interrogations.

This time around I want a blog that will connect with both men and women, not just women. In the context of family life and work-life balance, the stakeholders are the moms, the dads and the kids. Therefore, I see no point if men don’t participate into the discussion.

BTW, I have a new theme to mark this moment.

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  • Michelle Sullivan
    Posted September 19, 2014 at 06:17 0Likes

    It’s great to have you back, Kim!

  • Sophie
    Posted September 19, 2014 at 09:44 0Likes

    Très intéressant… et inspirant! Hâte de te lire davantage.

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