TED Talks: Hackschooling

I care about the future of our education system. I follow what is going on because I want my son to be in an education system that will prepare him for the world of tomorrow. For that to happen, we need to change the design of the classrooms, the methods and the tools that we use to teach our kids. We need to take a fresh look at how we do it.

This is why I watched the talk given by Logan LaPlante at TEDx University of Nevada. For the record, I don’t think that home schooling is the viable solution. Since I’m is open-minded to other ways to teach our kids in a school environment, I wanted to hear what he had to say.

What I like about Logan’s vision is that it is geared towards making a complete and happy individual, not just to train him for a job title. Learning stuff is triggered by things he likes or wants to do, and by things that he experienced in real life. He gets to see by himself why he needs to learn these lessons and topics.

Our world needs more people with the hacker mindset & not just for technology. Everything is up for being hacked.
— Logan LaPlante, age 13

This 13 years old boy provides elements which can guide us to find what we need to change in our education system to make it more relevant to boys. The main message from Logan LaPlante’s talk at TedxUniversityofNevada is that he wants to learn things that will be useful and will enrich his life. He shared how he develops his knowledge, social skills, judgment skills and creativity by not sitting at a student desk all day. He told us that he learns more and faster because it does it through activities and by reading books that meet his interests and hobbies. For that reason alone, we should listen to what Logan has to say. If you didn’t do it, watch it, it is only 11 minutes long!

About this series:
One presentation format that is definitely effective is the one-idea talk popularized by the TED and TEDx conferences. Anyone who want to improve their speaking skills show watch them. I do!