A parent’s and educator’s view on preparing kids for the future

Hello! I’m Kim Vallee. Since the birth of my son six years ago, I became a mom on a mission. It all began when I questioned how we prepare kids for the future. I’m particularly interested in how people learn, the maker education and innovative STEAM activities for girls and boys.

We are a tech-savvy family. I’m married to a brilliant software developer. I worked in the tech industry for 25 years as a user experience¬†designer, a strategist, and a digital content producer. It seems that I came back to my roots since I tested software, I wrote user manuals and I trained employees on how to use tech for my first job in IT. I now do something similar for kids, and with kids.

Mixing coding, robotics, electronics, design, prototyping and storytelling is popular at my house. I help my son and other kids aged 6 to 12 to be inventors and makers. I seek ways to interest girls and boys into STEM and creative technology. I share here my tips and reflections from what I learned doing STEAM activities with children and on my own.

You might have noticed that older posts are not about STEAM education nor the maker culture, it’s because this is a personal blog. Therefore, what is published here follows my interests.