About this branding and marketing blog

If you are looking for another blog that analyzes how big brands and well-funded startups connect with their audience, you’re out of luck. What you’ll find here is how the little guys, the small businesses do it. How they do it with the time, the skills and the resources at their disposal. What you’ll find here is how to create a brand essence that captures what makes you meaningful for your customers, how to communicate it and how to delight your customers. You’ll learn how to devise your strategy and how to put it into action.

How did I get the concept for my blog?

Every time I visit a website filled with generic copy or I met a small business owner who struggles when it comes to articulating what makes her business unique, an owner who fails to tell people why should they care, it makes me sad. It doesn’t have to be that way. Branding doesn’t have to be an after-thought.
I decided to help. I’ll help you demystify how to do it, discuss where to start. I’ll show you how successful small businesses are doing it. In the process, my goal is to inspire you to better brand your business.

What’s in it for you

Small business owners and entrepreneurs find practical and creative ideas that they can put into action now. View it as a guide that demystifies how a small business in the lifestyle sector can use stories, produce more meaningful content, build an audience, improve their customer experience, and grow their business with content marketing. You get plenty of useful tips, case studies, fresh ideas, and food for thought tailored for a small lifestyle business.

A little bit about myself

portrait of kim vallee I’m a content marketer, a storyteller, a branding strategist, a customer experience advocate, a blogger, a speaker, a wife and a mom. I co-founded Sproutive in 2014 where I coach brand storytelling and do strategic consulting work for small business owners and entrepreneurs. I help them uncover What’s Their Story and how to get the most out of their story online.

After a career where I designed and marketed business applications and e-commerce sites, I started blogging in 2005. It was a dream come true. I always dreamt to be a publisher. With my blog At Home with Kim Vallee, I earned a reputation as one the foremost lifestyle & entertaining experts in Canada. My main audience were Americans. Canadians came second and the British citizens were third. For seven years, being a blogger was my full time job. I continued to advice a few business clients during that time. My success sheet includes being the brainchild of the social media strategy still uses today by two large organizations.

As a speaker, my talks focus on how great content and social media help bloggers and businesses capture people’s attention. Personally, I feel that my proudest achievement as a speaker is to have pioneered talks about how women are reshaping the Web at PodCamp and WordCamp.

kim vallee speaker

About my family life

I live in a suburb of Montreal with my geek husband, our curious preschooler boy and two lively cats. I felt in love with modern architecture when I was 7 years old. Therefore, it’s not surprising that I designed for us a modern interior house that exhibits form and function. As two busy entrepreneurs, my husband and I appreciate to have a place where we can relax, spend quality time with our son and entertain friends.

I cumulate over 25 years a comprehensive work experience in digital technology, social platforms and content marketing.

My talents include content strategy, social media marketing, content marketing, editorial strategy, blogging, ecommerce, branding, niche marketing, digital technology, customer experience, product management, quality assurance and entrepreneurship.