A Simple Tip to Leverage Your Interview

A new habit that I took over the last months is to listen to work-related podcasts. It’s a better use of my time than listening to the same tunes on the radio. This morning, I listened to the 4th episode of the marketing podcast from my friend Lara McCulloch. Lara interviewed Marsha Shandur of Yes, Yes Marsha.

Marsha is a networker. She did something that anyone who is interviewed should do. Marsha created a landing page specially for Lara’s listeners and announced it at the interview.  

What do you find on her landing page? Marsha included the links to the resources she shared during the interview. Marsha also includes two freebies that we can get if we give her our emails. The freebies that teach a skill that people who bothered to click would be interested with.

Personally, I believe that her landing page would have been more aligned with the long-term relationship approach she promoted in the interview if she would have first gave us the links to the videos and the email template promised in the interview and then, the bonus materials that require our email. What do you think?

Nonetheless, the landing page created by Marsha provides a chance to continue the conversation, to stay in touch. Frankly, with today’s technology there are no reasons why you won’t leverage on your site any interview you gave. With a Web site powered by WordPress, creating a landing page like hers can be done in 15 minutes. Besides collecting the external links, Marsha reused and upcycled content that she already created. That’s all! By creating this tailored resources page she provided value for everyone. She provided value for the listeners of Start Some Shift, she shown Lara that she valued the fact that Lara invited her as a guest and she helps her own business by potentially finding new subscribers.

Everyone complaints that they lack time. The best marketing and content marketing ideas often involve reusing and upcycling content that you already have. In this case, all it took was to leverage existing content in a way that added value to the listeners.

I encourage you to subscribe to Start Some Shift podcast on iTunes. Lara McCulloch interviewed people who are generous with the advices they share with us. Don’t let the fact that Lara markets to the wedding and event planning industry, her interviews are insightful for any business. Personally, I’m hooked!

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  • Marsha from YesYesMarsha.com
    Posted February 12, 2015 at 13:06 0Likes

    Kim, thanks so much for this! Really thrilled to see that you like the idea.
    As a note: I do list at the top what I’m offering in the page, so that they know the links to the videos etc are coming, but put the mailer and free calls first because, as you said, people lack time, so I wanted to make sure the chance to get on my list (which is one of the reasons I do interviews) is the first thing they see.

    I’d also add that I *truly* believe that the best thing you can do as a business or brand is make people feel like part of a special secret group that no one else is part of – and having a your own special secret web page is a way to do this!

    Thanks for the nice words – hopefully more people will start making these secret webpages for their interview listeners!

  • Kim Vallee
    Posted February 12, 2015 at 15:05 0Likes

    Thank you, Marsha, for sharing the reason why you structure your secret page the way you do. I can see the value of your method.

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