Why I Love The Work I Do

My secret is simple. I love my job because I tailored it to my passion, my wants and my needs. I created a business that fits the person I’m today and where I want to go professionally. At this point in my life, this is what being my own boss means to me. I feel lucky that I had the luxury and the freedom to create a work environment and structure that fit my lifestyle, my skills, my passion and how I want to contribute to the world. I didn’t want to waste that opportunity.

I care for small businesses and startups. It might have something to do with my parents. They are successful small business owners. I always applauded that small business owners are makers. They are doers and thinkers. The best ones do more with less. Startups impress me with how they want to change the world, with their innovative idea and the way they think. There is so much energy coming from founders and their ideas.

When I launched my business last year, I asked myself what I could do that would have the biggest impact on entrepreneurs and small business owners. I knew that I wanted to work with inspiring and driven small business owners and founders to help them grow their business. But I wasn’t sure how I would do it.

I went on a quest. I remembered an advice that my mom gave me many, many years ago before I successful made a career change. She told me to make two lists. So, I did it again. I gathered my skills and my strengths on the first list. Then, I wrote down what ignites me the most, what I enjoy doing the most on the second list.

To build a business with a future, I needed something that people would want to buy. So I looked for patterns, for struggles that I constantly hear from small business owners and entrepreneurs. I searched for opportunities in the things that I noticed they were doing wrong. Then, I asked how I could make a difference, what services would be the most meaningful to the niche I serve, what I could bring to the table that added the most value, how I can put my stamp on services that already exist.

Helping small business owners and entrepreneurs better articulate and communicate the story of their business becomes my purpose.

This is how I came to focus on brand storytelling. Most businesses have a hard time communicate what their business has to offer and what they stand for. I observed it time after time when I was a Web designer and consultant. Later on, I experienced it as a blogger who was too often badly pitched by PR professionals or brands. It always makes me sad to see businesses go or fail to achieve their full potential due to a lack of a clear marketing message. This is how I came to decide that I would do something about it. Helping businesses better articulate and communicate their story becomes my purpose.

Food for thought

In my book, figuring out “why you do what you do” is one of the most important questions any entrepreneur must answer. I always ask my clients to answer this crucial question. Today, I decided that it was my turn. Believe me when I say that it’s totally worth the time you’ll spend writing your narrative.

What about you? Did you find your calling, your purpose? Have you taken the time to articulate why you do the things you do?

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