Like most people, you are probably rushing from morning to night. You can accomplish a lot by determining what will be the focus of your day every morning, by sticking to what’s on your to-do list, and by limiting interruptions and other distractions. But it might not be enough.

It is easy to forget about the little things or the things that we have been doing for years because they feel natural. But what if they were the causes of a bottleneck that you carry all day. It happened to me. By making a few key changes to my morning routine, I boosted my productivity and freed some time in the afternoon.

So, what is your bottleneck? Mine was in the little things I did before starting to work. They were putting me behind my agenda and added unnecessary stress in my life. People typically look for one big change. But the little things that you do or don’t do could also cause stress that you could avoid. Once you identified your bottleneck, you might realize that it is an easy fix.