Finding Time is My Biggest Challenge as an Entrepreneur and a Mom

I said it! In a coaching session this week, I mentioned the need for business owners to integrate in their stories a failure, an element that shows their vulnerability as a human being. I decided to admit my biggest challenge.

There are days and even weeks where I get things under control. I feel that I conquered the whole work life balance thing. Then, something happens, something that disrupts the fragile equilibrium. The feeling of stress returns to haunt me. Despite the fact that I’m not the first women entrepreneur who feels like that, it makes me feel like a failure. I’m fully aware that juggling life and work is a balancing act for any entrepreneur.

Maybe the solution is that I stopped wanting to feel under control. This is why I put attention to what goes into my agenda. This is why I try new rituals. This is why I wish I could get more from my work day. This is why I get mad at me for letting the stress I feel ruined a night or spoiled what could have been a fun or a more productive time. This is also why I work most of the day sitting on a comfy sofa instead of being at my desk. I want to free my mind. My sunny office layout definitely makes me more creative. I get inspired by the calm and welcome environment I created in my office office. This is a part of the solution that works during the day.

Since I need more encouragements, I started reading the Balance Project interviews by Susie Schnall. It goes deeper than simply feeling good because I know that I’m not alone. I get to read about other women’s perspectives on the topic. I promise to tell you if I get my aha moment.

What’s your support system? What steps do you currently take to overcome your biggest challenge at work or at home?