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Social Media: Exercising restraints before hitting the publish button

relevance checklist oreo wonderfilled

A couple months after I started blogging, I developed my brand relevance checklist. I did it to ensure that what I say online would always be consistent with my personal brand and with what readers expect from me. Whenever I get a new post idea, I write a post, a tweet, a status or I tell my opinions in a comment, I validate if I should publish it or not, up to the last moment. When I have doubts, I either press delete, or save it and think it over.

Two weeks ago, I was glad to hear Pam Clarkson (Mondelez Canada), Laurie Dillon-Schalk (Draftfcb) and Helen Androlia (Draftfcb) mentioning during the Oreo Wonderfilled session at Mesh Marketing 2013 that they also use a checklist to validate whether or not they should comment, participate in a conversation or create an original content. In a matter of fact, their checklist is quite similar to my own checklist.

Why we gave our baby a digital identity

digital identity at birth

There are many posts and articles already written about “oversharing”, giving a digital identity to babies, creating a digital trust for your newborn and the right to privacy of kids. Before I wrote my posts, I asked why should I write another one. As I continued to research the topic, I failed to find my viewpoint in all those posts. I decided to share my side of the story.

I want to start the discussion with the fact that many things will have impact on a kid’s development and will shape who that kid will become as an adult. Our parent actions have always been one of them. I approach social media as one more component to the equation.

You want a 2,500 Square Feet House in 20 hours. Call your printer.

contour crafting

Most stories about 3D printers highlight what customers, designers and small businesses could do with their own 3D printer. When comes the time to produce robust pieces, you will need an industrial 3D printer. The process is known as additive manufacturing in the manufacturing industries. 3D printers have been used for a while now when it comes to producing prototypes and medical implants. I read in Technology review that GE aims to print the nozzles of jet engines that are due to go into planes in late 2015 or early 2016. This means that they are confident about the quality of the printed pieces.

It does stop there! 3D printing could change the home building industry forever. In this TED Talk video, Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis, a professor at the University of Southern California demonstrates that automated construction could become a reality sooner than later, if we are willing to give it a chance.