User Experience Services that go beyond the product

Everything has be aligned to deliver a delightful user experience (UX), an experience that your customers will enthusiastically share with their friends and colleagues.

Kim brings years of experience in business, innovation, storytelling and marketing on top of her user-centered design know-how. What Kim brings to the table for her clients is a broader view coupled with an attention to details at the execution stage. She won’t hesitate to challenge the status quo and advocate for what’s best for the users, when necessary.

As a long-time educator, curator and facilitator, she empowers employees of her clients by sharing what they need to know to do their job — individually or as a team — but mostly by enabling them to learn through hands-on exercises.

A clear understanding of why, when and how people truly use your digital products.

User research and an analysis of your business plan/model through the perspective of the users are essential to deliver an outstanding user experience. You can’t skip these steps!

Kim has been the voice of the users in the development team since she started working in IT twenty-five years ago. What do people want to achieve and how to make their job easier were always on her mind whether she wrote practical user manuals, analyzed users’ needs, or designed apps and websites for employees, for online shoppers, and for readers of a publication.

UX Consulting and Training Services

Focus on user research, interaction design, user stories, scenarios and storyboarding, jobs to be done, wireframes, mockups, interactive prototyping, omnichannel customer experience and content strategy.

Contact her at kim (AT) kimvallee (DOT) com, at +1 514.800.7115, via Twitter or LinkedIn.

About Kim Vallee

Kim loves UX research and design because the work is meaningful, because the work makes a difference in people’s life and the bottom line of her clients. And frankly, we need more women in charge of designing products.

After seven years as a content producer/strategist, and then, teaching robotics and coding to school-age children, Kim missed being at the front of digital product development. She returned to what she did before that, which was working as a user experience consultant. Let’s talk to discuss what she can do for you.