Paper redefines how you will use Facebook

January 30, 2014
Paper app facebook

You might never look at Facebook like you did before. Yesterday, Facebook announced that the first app created from Facebook Creative Labs, Paper will be launched next week. I hope that Paper becomes a success because it is a step forward for browsing on a smart phone or tablet.

Inspired by Flipboard and similarly visually enhanced news readers, Paper provides a more delightful way to consume stories from your Facebook news feed and their curated themes by the Facebook editorial team. You will be able to add the sections you want from a dozen of categories. If Facebook truly desires to become my newspaper, I question why they don’t let us add my favorite publications. As a small publisher, it troubles me even more. But this is a topic that is for another post.

One thing is clear. Paper enhances more than ever the need for publishing eye-catching visuals when you tell your stories. I will say it again: stunning photos and compelling videos capture people’s attention. Images sell your stories. It was true back in 2009 and it has become even more critical now. This is what you must deliver with your educational, informative, helpful, fun, inspiring and thought-provoking stories. Paper will help you to do it right. A live preview of your post or photo before you share it will assure that your post or photo is shown with style.

Paper will be released to iPhone users across the United States February 3rd, 2014. For the rest of us, we will need to wait. I can’t wait to try it. What about you?

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