I’m not fashionable today, but it’s OK

September 22, 2014
my unfashionable look

This morning my 3 years old made me laugh when he commented on the plaided shirt I wear today. Since I’m working all day alone at my home office, I opted for clothes that weren’t trendy. I picked a shirt that I rarely wear from my closet. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know why I bought this shirt. The color palette and the pattern aren’t my style. My guess is that it’s one of these online purchases that I made while I bought clothes for my son at Gap. I blamed it on a late night purchase impulse.

Do you want to know what my son told me to make me laugh? Zack touched my shirt and said: “Why are you still wearing a pyjama?”. Bang! It hurts me that even my 3 years old know that I’m neither stylish nor trendy today. On the bright side, he got the comfy factor that I aimed for.

There is an alternate motive why I’m telling you all this. It has to be with the personas that design and lifestyle bloggers create. We give the impressions to be always stylish, that we only eat gorgeously platted food, that our house is impeccable all the time. I know! I carefully edited what I would share about my life for seven years. By definition, lifestyle magazines and blogs must be aspirational. We need these aspirational photos to inspire us to do more and give us ideas on how to integrate style into our life.

Honestly, I stopped wanting to style my life like in a magazine. Don’t get me wrong, I still love design very much. I continue to be surrounded by good design in my every day life. That will never go away.  After 9 years of substantial participation in social media, I arrived to a point where I prefer to live my life, to enjoy the moments instead of always taking the perfect shots of the meal I will be eat.

Posting a selfie where I proudly wear a shirt that goes against the modern style on which I built my personal brand is about making a statement. My message is not about rebellion. It’s about my personal victory. A few years ago, I’d never dare to show me in a picture like that. I’m happy that I now feel confident enough in my design abilities and credibility level to do it.

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  • Reply Aimee @ Simple Bites September 22, 2014 at 7:59 pm

    This is amazing, Kim! I can certainly relate. Here’s to enjoying many more moments!

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