DIY Ideas For a Totoro Costume For My Toddler

October 8, 2013
totoro costumes for toddlers

It will be my son’s third Halloween. Previously, we always bought him a costume. This year, I convinced my husband that we will make his Halloween costume instead of buying one. Last year, they were 4 astronauts at Zack’s daycare. My son’s costume was different than the others but still I don’t want a repeat this year. My mom used to make my Halloween costumes. Homemade costumes are not only more original, they tell more about yourself.

The big question became “Which costume to make?”. It has to be something that he can easily move around. For a two-year old, it is still best to avoid accessories since they won’t carry them for more than a minute. I also want a costume that reflects my values. Zack is still at an age where I have a say, so I am taking full advantage of it.


After a short conversation, my husband and I agreed on a Totoro costume. We introduced Zack to the Japanese animated movies of Hayao Miyazaki because we care for his messages and aesthetics. He love them.  My Neighbor Totoro provides us the answer.

From Easy to the Cutest

My initial thought was to go for a super easy costume construction. Turning a grey hoodie into a Totoro should take no more than fabric glue, velcro and several pieces of felt. The hood would be the head. I could attach a tail at the back and decorate the front of the hoodie. A pair of pants in the matching colors would complete the look.

diy totoro costume for kids+ photo credits: Sandor Weisz

Naturally, I browsed the Web for more inspiration. When I spotted these fabulous Totoro costumes, my plan became more ambitious. Although I took plenty of sewing courses as a teenager, I never enjoyed sewing. Despite what many people may imagine from reading my previous blog, I am not a crafter. The costume that my son will wear will probably be an easier version of what did these moms and dads. My husband has promised to help me. I hope that my desire to please my son coupled with my husband’s help will give me the drive to make something as awesome. Otherwise, I could always revert to my original hoodie costume concept.

Regardless of which costume we will make, the key is to create joyful memories and to do something as a family. I doubt that my son really cares about his Halloween costume yet. But I do! I want to make Halloween special. It is a part of our family tradition, one that we started two years ago when we all dressed up as Star Wars characters. At the end, my husband and I are doing it for us and for the memories that we will capture on a (digital) film. For sure, Halloween is worth a page on his annual photo book.

+ photo credits: Totoro costume tutorial by You and Mie and Sandor Weisz on Flickr 

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