Uber to deliver Christmas trees on-demand for one day only

December 4, 2013
uber on-demand christmas tree delivery service

It is even harder for marketers to cut through the noise during the holiday season. I believe that Uber has done it this year with its Christmas tree on-demand delivery service. The #UberTree service will run for one day only in 10 US cities. For $135, an Uber driver will deliver to your front door a 7′ or 8′ Christmas tree from Home Depot. The best thing about this service is that you could receive the tree within minutes.

Three elements contribute to the buzz this particular holiday marketing initiative is getting. Uber got a lot of (free) press for the UberTree service. The uniqueness and usefulness of this service is newsworthy. As a publisher, it is a good story. Uber thought about how they could be convenient to urban dwellers and help them with their holiday decorations. They proposed a solution that reduces friction for many people.

By partnering with an established brand online and offline like Home Depot, Uber not only find a tree supplier that people trust, they get a brand that will spread the news. The two companies will get more exposure by teaming up.

The #UberTree service will run December 5th only in 10 US cities.

Finally, the limited time offer coupled with the very limited trees that will be available both create a sense of urgency for people to act and to share the news.

Another conveniently awesome holiday campaign from Uber is the Santa on Demand campaign in Seattle. For $50 that will go to a charity (The Market Foundation), Santa can drop by your home or office for a 30-minute photo shoot and more holiday fun. How cool is that!

Food for Thought

The take away from these two marketing campaign ideas is simple. You can cut through the noise by delivering something out of the ordinary for your brand, a service that is exclusive, convenient and newsworthy. To help you find a campaign idea that can work for your brand, start by asking yourself what unique service or experience a segment of your customers might be willing to pay a premium and talk about it.

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