One mother with cookies aims to fulfill your connected life

January 15, 2014
virtual mom eases parenting

The connected objects market is booming. While everyone is reinventing every object that we use, it is refreshing to see a company that takes another approach to smarten our home and our life. Don’t get me wrong! I adore the cool design and added features of these brand new objects, but I wonder if we could reuse all the objects that are already in our home.

A French company took this approach. The adorable Russian nesting doll resemblance and the touching product name might first caught my eye. Mother earned extra points for their approach. They did two things well. First, they integrated all the ingredients of storytelling into their marketing strategy, starting with the product name. Second, their concept is based on repurposing everyday objects. mother base unit

If you guess that this digital mom helps you better manage and simplify your life, you are right. Mother is the central command. The base unit communicates with sensors called Motion Cookies. The old things that you love instantly become smart devices by sticking a Motion cookie to them. Together, they monitor movements, temperature and proximity in the course of your daily activities.

A Mother base and her Motion cookies can tell you how long your pre-schooler brushes his teeth in the morning and night, the distances you walked daily, how many glasses of water you drank today, if your cat has returned home from its neighbourhood walk, who is at home, etc.

mother senseboard dashboard

The set up is fast and easy. First, you select an App that meet a current need or concern. Then, stick a cookie to the appropriate object, person or animal. Mother starts monitoring it. You can receive alerts and follow the results on your tablet and your smartphone. When you care about another problem or challenge, select another App. One Motion cookie can be used for many things and reprogrammed as often as you want.  It’s sweet and simple! Mother is brand new product that was presented at 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where it attracted attention. A Mother with a pack 4 cookies can be pre-order at an introductory price of $222. Current buyers can expect to welcome their digital Mother in your home this spring. It is a French product created by the same guy who brought us the cute Nabaztag rabbit.

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