I’m not fashionable today, but it’s OK

September 22, 2014
my unfashionable look

This morning my 3 years old made me laugh when he commented on the plaided shirt I wear today. Since I’m working all day alone at my home office, I opted for clothes that weren’t trendy. I picked a shirt that I rarely wear from my closet. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know why I bought this shirt. The color palette and the pattern aren’t my style. My guess is that it’s one of these online purchases that I made while I bought clothes for my son at Gap. I blamed it on a late night purchase impulse.

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Why I’m Back to Personal Blogging

September 18, 2014
personal blogging

After successfully blogging about stylish living and entertaining since 2005, I needed a new challenge. I want to write a blog that fits my current life and work situation.

I closed At Home with Kim Vallee last year. Every time I attend a blogging or social media conferences, people ask me about At Home with Kim Vallee or ask me why did I stop? I’m extremely proud and glad of what I accomplished with my previous branded blog. At Home with Kim Vallee enabled me to build a reputation that far exceeds my local circle.

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TED Talks: Hackschooling

February 24, 2014
tedx hackschooling

I care about the future of our education system. I follow what is going on because I want my son to be in an education system that will prepare him for the world of tomorrow. For that to happen, we need to change the design of the classrooms, the methods and the tools that we use to teach our kids. We need to take a fresh look at how we do it.

This is why I watched the talk given by Logan LaPlante at TEDx University of Nevada. For the record, I don’t think that home schooling is the viable solution. Since I’m is open-minded to other ways to teach our kids in a school environment, I wanted to hear what he had to say.

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Content Strategy: The day I made Kotaku

January 20, 2014
kim featured on kotaku

Today I want to talk about the power of intrinsically knowing your audience. To do this, I will tell you how I orchestrated, as a food and entertaining blogger, to be featured in 2008 on Kotaku, the most influential video game blog and the 19th blog of the world at the time.

A blog for hard-code gamers is not where you expect a post on a birthday cake. Plus, my timing was out of sync. I succeeded because I perfectly understood what their editors wanted in a story. My pitch had the right ingredients. With my husband’s help, I designed a cupcake tower filled with clever gaming details.

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One mother with cookies aims to fulfill your connected life

January 15, 2014
virtual mom eases parenting

The connected objects market is booming. While everyone is reinventing every object that we use, it is refreshing to see a company that takes another approach to smarten our home and our life. Don’t get me wrong! I adore the cool design and added features of these brand new objects, but I wonder if we could reuse all the objects that are already in our home.

A French company took this approach. The adorable Russian nesting doll resemblance and the touching product name might first caught my eye. Sen.se Mother earned extra points for their approach. They did two things well. First, they integrated all the ingredients of storytelling into their marketing strategy, starting with the product name. Second, their concept is based on repurposing everyday objects.

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My Three Words for 2014!

January 4, 2014
reconnect my 3 words

Thursday, I wrote about how my plan to capture my year plan with three words. Today, I reveal what they are.

Last year was a year of transition work wise. I had the gut to close At Home with Kim Vallee, the lifestyle blog that became my business. I questioned what I truly want to do for living. I analyzed business opportunities. I looked at where the market is heading. Should I create an agency, launch a startup or simply work as a consultant? I had too many choices. Now that I focus on consulting and training, I’m back into the game. I feel stronger and more confident about my choice.

This year is definitely about actions. It is about making things happen. My three words for 2014 are:

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Setting goals for 2014!

January 2, 2014
Citrus Splash drink

Before we start, I wish you all the best for 2014. I also hoped that you had fun celebrating the New Year. I did!

Have you set your New Year goals, yet? I’m still working on putting mine in words. Last year, I selected five areas for my year plan. In retrospective, 5 areas are too much which is why I will try this year the 3-word system of Chris Brogan. Selecting three words (nouns or verbs) seems more focused and easier to follow for a year.

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