Working with Me

kim vallee consultant and coach

I work with businesses in the home design, living and lifestyle spaces. For them, I provide consulting, coaching and training services in content strategy, branding, niche marketing and customer experience to help them grow their business.

My services:

  • Content strategy & content marketing - I will establish your content strategy, determine your editorial line, your storytelling strategy and your content distribution channels. I can also help you with blogging and the creation of other types of digital content.
  • Social media strategy & action plan - Once I examined when and how social media can help you achieve your business objectives, I will create a high-level action plan, determine what you will need to make it happen and put it in action. Furthermore, I will make sure that you can track your results.
  • Brand positioning, strategy and customer experience - You can’t expect to produce relevant content that will grow your business without a clear picture of what your brand is all about. I will help you define and refine your branding and customer experience.
  • Influencer & consumer outreach - I bring my experience as the publisher of a respected lifestyle blog to the table. I know how brands, PR and marketers approach influencers. I know what they do right and where they fail. I will help you avoid their mistakes and do it right.
  • Custom training, workshops and coaching - I will take a hands-on approach when it comes to transfer my knowledge to your internal team.

I bring 20 years of hands-on experience working with retailers, designers, startups and brands in the B2C industry.

Serving businesses from …

I walk the talk. The fact that I blog about the markets I serve since 2005 is the proof that I am passionate about them and that I am aware of what is going on in these markets. This gives me a competitive advantage when it comes to understand the customer’s mindset and to determine what is hot in these markets. This is why I serve businesses that related to:

  • Home decor and home living
  • Food & drinks
  • Lifestyle
  • Moms and family

Are you ready to grow your business by turning your content and online experience into something more meaningful and engaging for your customers?

Because I focus on delivering an awesome experience, I work with businesses who care about delighting their customers at every touch point. It is a tall order but if you are not afraid by changes and are willing to run experiments, we can make it happen.

Working with me starts by crafting the right recipe for your business and your customers. I will bring you specific tactics and a methodology that fits your business objectives. I will tell you which platforms are right for you, how to use these platforms, which story to tell, how to tailor the story you tell to fit each platform, how to turn your stories into sales, which tools and resources you will need to make it happen, how to measure your results, and more.

My involvement doesn’t stop at the recipe. You have to implement it and monitor it. This means creating meaningful content for your community, promoting your content, interacting with our audiences, delighting them with your content, products and customer service, tracking what works and what is not working. On top of that, digital communication and customer experience require tweaking. Platform rules change, customer’s behaviours and expectations change, your market will evolve, etc… You need to quickly adapt the recipe to account for these changes. My clients can choose between three levels of monthly support. Which level you select will depend whether you prefer:

  • to do things in-house;
  • that I take some of the workload off your internal team;
  • to outsource that process to me.