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kim vallee digital communication strategist

I’m a branding and content strategist. I coach and do consulting work for open-minded businesses and entrepreneurs.

I work with people who value design, business innovation and customer experience because this is how I approach branding, social and running a business.

As a branding consultant, I help businesses and entrepreneurs craft their brand story and find the best ways for them to tell that story. I develop a strategy that uses digital, social, content creation and distribution, media coverage and offline initiatives to connect with their audience and spread their message. I bring hands-on experience, not just theoretical advices. I do what I advocate.

As a coach, I’m known for putting things into perspective, for providing food for thought, for proposing practical solutions, for exploring what you can learn from what others are doing and to discover fresh ways to adapt these lessons to your own situation. I’m generous with sharing my insights, my outlook of the future and the knowhow I accumulated doing what I teach.

People mention over and over that they leave my workshops, talks and coaching sessions with actionable knowledge that they can’t wait to use on their own.
kim vallee consultant and coach

 Are we a good fit?

Working in branding and marketing is an exciting time right now if, like me, you thrive in environments that are constantly moving, environments that require you to think creativity.

To innovate, you need to be able to experiment to find out what works the best and what doesn’t work for your audience. And you need a certain mindset. This is why I work, as a branding and marketing consultant, with businesses that :

  • understand that they need to communicate, develop products, market, serve and engage with their customers differently to be successful today and in the long-run;
  • are not afraid to show their personality and share their beliefs;
  • alignwhy they exist, how they do it and what they do” with the aspirations of their customers, with the way their customers want to live their life;
  • take steps to make it easy for people to do business with them;
  • aim for a seamless customer experience at every touchpoint;
  • foster a culture of business innovation;
  • valorize design.

If you’re this kind of business and you need help with your branding, content, social and marketing strategy, fill up the contact form or call me at 514.800.7115.