Working with Me

kim vallee consultant and coach

I’m a brand storytelling coach & consultant who helps small business owners and entrepreneurs uncover what’s their story, tell their story and get the most out of their story.

I believe that marketing makes or breaks a company. Stories pull people in. Because of that fact there is no doubt in my mind that storytelling applied to business is the answer to the post-advertising era. No one is better fitted to take advantage of the power of storytelling than small business owners and entrepreneurs. But unfortunately, most of them struggle to articulate what their business is all about. This is where I come in.

I’m a small business owner like you. My parents were small business owners. You can read many books and media articles filled with storytelling tips from big corporations. I want to show small businesses how they can do it, that it’s possible for them to do it themselves. This is why I started a new business in 2014. I co-founded Sproutive to help small business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business using stories.

What do I do?

I coach small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to better articulate and communicate what their business has to offer. I help them craft a clear and meaningful story, a story that will enable them to grow their business, a story with a personality, a story that speaks to their target customers, a story that is aligned with the attitude of their target customers.

My brand storytelling services focus on three angles:

  • What’s Your Story – The goal is to uncover a distinctive, authentic and compelling story that will enable you to grow your business. We’ll dig deep into your core values, what makes your business unique, the type of business you want and how your beliefs, motivations, views and aspirations aligned with your targeted audience to help you craft a clear and meaningful brand story.
  • Tell Your Story – The focus here is on what to say, when and where. Together, we’ll explore the various ways you can develop your story into useful content that you can distribute on social media, on your Web site, on your newsletters and through other marketing initiatives. I can create for you a content strategy and a realistic action plan.
  • Brand Your Story  Besides designing the unusual brand identity materials, we can develop a signature look for all the content you’ll produce and publish. My co-founding partner at Sproutive is a graphic designer and an established artist.

Every day, I pull insights from my comprehensive work experiences in content strategy, editorial strategy, social media marketing, branding, niche marketing, customer experience, product management, quality control and entrepreneurship. I bring to your table 20 years of hands-on experience working with retailers, designers, startups and brands in the B2C industry.

Are you ready to grow your business with the power of stories?

I designed an one-on-one coaching program specially designed to uncover your story. Click here to apply now on Sproutive, my business site. Spaces are limited.